Monday, April 13, 2015


I am now in the ward "El Fuerte" with my companion Elder Ferrufino (He is from Cochabamba and this is his last transfer in the mission). I am still in Santa Cruz and we live with the zone leaders. The house is soo nice. It has an automatic door with intercom and camera and the shower has hot water (the first house since I got here) If you want to know where it was go to go maps and look for El palmar and then for the urabanization the plamitas. Thats where I live. Before I was in the area of la villa 1 de Mayo.

The people here are great. We visted a member family and the grandparents live with them. The Grandpa gets up and is like "The Japenese, ...they never smile"

One of investigators Hno Cruz. He has such a good heart and loves the Lord (he walks 12 blocks (the blocks here are a lot bigger) to get to church every sunday). He is from the campo and understands ketchua better than spanish and is a little slow to understand.

As far as the package goes, nothing besides a flash with music and maybe some church videos (the restoration, the testaments,) and another Hymnal in english. I think there is also a rule going around now that the packages have to weigh less than 2 kg because they have had trouble with that. Yes i get the Liahona's here.

I forgot to tell you about the run in I had with the frog. We were cleaning the chapel and I got put in charge of cleaning the baptismal font and the elders forgot to drain the water and so there was a frog living in it. So I had to drain the water and got to work on the frog. I put on the rubber plastic gloves and put on my courage and pick it up. I dont know I didn't expect it to jump, but it did. It jump onto the wall and I screamed. Then I knocked it off with a broom and hired another elder to hold one of those dust sweeper keepers while I put it in. While it didn't work because it would just jump out. So I did the only thing I could do, which was to hold it and run outside and put in back in nature. And I did it screaming and I made it. Everyone was soo impressed. Then I think my companion went and stepped on it. That's the end of that sucker.

Well I have to go now, hope you have a good week raising pigeons and running races.

Elder Gilbert

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