Monday, April 6, 2015

Fun Creature

It´s another month and it´s exactly the same weather from when I got here. It always the same never-ending cycle of summer so all the holidays seem strange here. Easter here is called Pascua and this past week is Semana Santa. The really only tradition is to eat fish and that´s about it, but it is difficult to get fish since there are no ocean here. 

The general conference was one of the strangest. The prophet didn´t speak much nor did Richard G Scott. Also during the Elder Christopherson´s talk the translator started coughing and so they cut him off and put on another but then he too started coughing attack and then put on another translator. And in total we missed a couple paragraphs. Then Sunday session there was a big thunder storm and we lost and signal until it came in when he announced the temples. But it turned out okay.

I can´t believe how crafty Grandma Miller has been lately. I am sure that she is the one fabricating those wooden nickels. 
My computer keeps turning on and so I will have to end now before it turns off again.

Tomorrow we have transfers and I think I am getting moved so we will see where i ll end up next. 

Here are some photos of a fun creature we found in the house

Love Elder Gilbert

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