Monday, April 20, 2015

Missionary Work

Mom must be the only one in the family going and doing stuff these days (because she had something to write) while the rest of you sittin' around. What was it that grandma said last week...ah yes...she called ya carcasses (Grandma always testifies of the truth ya know)

As for me this week, my week wasn't too eventful but we had the opportunity to teach an Elder from the Jehovah's witnesses. it was interesting. It didn't really accept anything but was somewhat curious to learn about the church.

We also had a Family Home Evening in Ketchua, the native language here. We invited the members who speak it and had them bear their testimonies in Ketchua to the family Cruz (investigators). 

And yes it is true that we also focus on ¨rescuing¨. Helping people to return to the church. because it doesn't make any sense to baptize and then not be able to retain. These are the main three functions of missionaries: find, retain, and activate. so the next time the missionaries come to your house and ask for referrals give them all the less actives in the ward. 

Anywhere here are some questions for you guys to answer and respond to me

What does it mean to you  to do ¨missionary work¨?
What impedes you from doing it?
How would you like to take part in missionary work?
How would you like the missionaries to help you?

Until the next week, Elder Gilbert

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