Monday, April 27, 2015

Fat, Bald Man

Mi querido familia,

Sounds like Justin has had a rough week. A soccer ball and a wheel. You had just better let him lie down for minute and recover his energies. 

The mission this week had a good week, in all there were 57 people baptized or rescued (returned to activity). In fact we had one in our own area that we weren´t expecting.

This week we were teaching Brother Cruz about tithing and we asked him if he would pay his tithing after he is baptized and he said, ¨Yeah, after Saturday right?¨. And we were surprised because he wanted to be baptized with his wife but decided to go ahead and do it now. So we had a baptism and confirmation this week. The funny thing was is we asked him who do you want to baptize you and he said, ¨that fat, bald man who baptized his son last week, what is his name? I want him." Also, Brother Cruz is 56---not too old to learn something new (right dad?)

I am going to send my email now becuase the internet is sooo slow that it takes a few minutes to send, and hopefully the pictures make it too.

A few matters of business:

I will need my information for skype. I think a left a paper somewhere with that on it. For the next email send my username and password and at what time you want to do it. Keep in mind that I am 2 hours ahead and that I eat lunch at 1. They'll probably let me call to confirm the hour sometime next week or something. 

And also I am going to need some new insoles for my shoes. The ones here are horrible. It is for one my ecco´s and it think it is size 44. But I think I will need two just so that they will be the same.

I hope you also recieved the notice about the package weight limit.


Elder Gilbert

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